Prof. Alan Greenaway


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Heriot-Watt University


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Professor Alan Greenaway leads research in optical instrumentation and signal processing, with numerous patents and publications in this area. Alan is a Visiting Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy in Cardiff and an Honorary Senior DERA Fellow. He has previously worked at the Universities of London (QEC and UCL), Groningen (NL), and Nice (F)in addition to work at the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment in Malvern. An Investigator on grants from STFC, EPSRC and Industry he has developed new methods for multi-planar and telecentric microscopy of dynamic processes with applications in 3-D imaging, superresolution, metrology and adaptive optics. His general research interests are in matching measurement and signal processing to specific scientific objects in order to optimise the information recovered. From a background in astronomy imaging his principal present research interests are in applying techniques developed for astronomy to measurement challenges in the life-sciences.


Human sperm motility

Collaborative project investigating the movement of human sperm in three dimensions.

(in partnership with the Kirkman-Brown Group, Birmingham Women’s Health Care NHS Foundation Trust. Funded by the STFC)

Secretory Vesicles

This project utilises novel imaging approaches, to increase the rate of acquisition of 3-D stacks using a widefield microscope. This is important, because the present acquisition rate, of approximately 1 entire cell stack per second, is too slow to permit accurate tracking of fast-moving organelles. Using Alan’s novel optical techniques, we can increase the rate 3, 6 or perhaps even 9-fold - this will permit real-time, 4-dimensional analyses of live-cell dynamics.

(In collaboration with Rory Duncan and Colin Rickman. Funded by the STFC)

Group Members

Yan Feng

Yi Yang