Prof. Desmond Smith

Emeritus Professor

+44 1506 425313


OBE,FRS,FRSE,F.INST.P Emeritus Professor of Physics,Head of Dept,1970-96,Dean of Science 81-84

Heriot-Watt Univ. BSc, DSc Bristol, PhD Reading

Founder and Chief Scientist Edinburgh Instruments Ltd.

231 publications, 2 books,Infra-red Physics OUP(with J.T.Houghton) and Optoelectronics Prentice Hall.

Advisory Council Science and Technology, Cabinet Office 85-88.

Joint PI "Remote Sounding of Atmospheric Temperatures from Satellites" -the Selective Chopper Radiometer for Nimbus 4 1970. First Chairman Scottish Optoelectronics Association 1996-98.

Numerous committees, several prizes including Royal Medal ,RSE, 2011


Eurostars project "Opitune"

Variable interference filters (Leader).

(with Delta of Denmark)

EU Framework 7 "Nanognostics"

Fluorescence markers and instruments for Alzheimers

(with 7 partners across Europe)

Cataract Early diagnoses and possible laser treatment

(with Heriot-Watt University and Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion NHS, Edinburgh and Glastrop Hosp.Copenhagen)

Medical Instrument Decontamination and Screening (MIDAS)

(with Edinburgh Univ. Chemistry Dept.-Dept. of Health funding -with Edinburgh Biosciences Ltd.(Founder))