Dr Eitan Abraham

Senior Lecturer

+44 131 4513037



Heriot-Watt University


EH14 4AS


Eitan Abraham was born in Israel and grew up in Argentina where he received his BSc from the University of Buenos Aires. The same year he started postgraduate research at the University of Manchester where he obtained his PhD. After postdoctoral work he became a lecturer at Heriot-Watt University and then a Senior Lecturer. His initial research interests were in theoretical quantum and nonlinear optics. His interest then moved to Josephson junction circuits.Presently he works on Statistical Mechanics of Biological Systems, Superconductivity, Ontological Quantum Mechanics and Vacuum Energy. Being the co-founder of a high-tech microelectronics company led him to get involved in related engineering problems. He has worked as a visiting scientist in European countries, the former USSR and the USA.He is considered a pioneer of optical computing through a Scientific American article which had worldwide repercussions.


Statistical Mechanics of Membranes

(in collaboration with Colin Rickman)

Ontological Quantum Mechanics

Dynamical Casimir Effect

Stencil printing

(in collaboration with Marc Desmulliez)