May 9th

10.45 am    Introductory comments Rory Duncan

11 am Session 1: Imaging technologies  –  Chair Alan Greenaway

Nick Hastie                Overview of IGMM activities

Colin Rickman           Molecular microscopy of the secretory machinery

Rory Duncan              Single molecule spectroscopies, FLIM, FCS, FRET

Alan Greenaway         High speed, non-invasive 3-D and 4-D imaging

Weiping Lu                 Image processing and analyses for live cell applications

2 pm  Session 2: Technologies for life science  –  Chair R Duncan

Margaret Frame

Neil Carragher                Activities in the Edinburgh cancer Research Centre

Asier Unciti-Broceta

Ted Hupp

Robert Hadfield         Advanced photon counting techniques

Vassilis Sboros          Imaging angiogenesis with ultrasound contrast imaging

Lynn Paterson           Single cell interrogation using optical trapping

Nik Willoughby          Too big to bind? Novel techniques for separation of human embryonic
                                  stem cells based on physical properties

Peter Hohenstein      New approaches to genetic manipulation in cells and animals

4.40 pm  Session 3:     Bioengineering and diagnostics  –  Chair Marc Desmulliez

Will Shu                     Integrated Microfluidic and Biosensing Platforms for Rapid Disease

                                  Diagnosis and Cell based Assays

Marc Desmulliez       MEMS activities related to medical applications

Carmen Torres-Sanchez   Gentler on the bones: porosity tailored bone grafts with

                                           biomimetic properties

May 10th

9.30 am Session 4:Mathematical and statistical tools for biology –
                                      Chair Gavin Gibson

Prof Richard Baldock  Mouse Atlas and Computational Biology

Albert Burger             Biomedical Atlas Informatics

Gavin Gibson             Inference for spatio-temporal stochastic processes

Gabriel Lord               Some stochastic modelling for neurones and molecules

Chris Haley                 Quantitative Genetics

On the 9th and 10th May IB3 and the Institute for Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) at the University of Edinburgh organised a two day meeting focused on establishing new interdisciplinary collaborations. This brought together leading researchers from diverse fields including genetics, next generation microscopy, signal processing, cancer biology, microfluidics, photon detection, embryonic stem cells and mathematics. This intensive two day workshop was designed to forge links between the physical, engineering and life sciences to drive new advances in biomedical research. the emerging themes from this meeting are summarised in the word cloud below.

IB3 and IGMM

Collaborative Meeting

9th/10th May 2012


Prof Gerald Buller (HWU)

Dr Albert Burger (IGMM)

Dr Neil Carragher (IGMM)

Dr Daniel Clark (HWU)

Prof Marc Desmulliez (HWU)

Dr Mark Ditzel (IGMM)

Prof Rory Duncan (HWU)

Dr Abdelkader Essafi (IGMM)

Prof Gavin Gibson (HWU)

Dr Nick Gilbert (IGMM)

Prof Alan Greenaway (HWU)

Dr  Robert Hadfield (HWU)

Dr Chris Haley (IGMM)

Mrs Julie Hamilton (IGMM)

Prof Nick Hastie (IGMM)

Prof Robert Hill (IGMM)

Dr Peter Hohenstein (IGMM)

Dr Nicola Howarth (HWU)

Dr Ted Hupp (IGMM)

Prof Gabriel Lord (HWU)

Dr Weiping Lu (HWU)

Dr Richard Mort (IGMM)

Dr Lynn Paterson (HWU)

Dr Liz Patton (IGMM)

Dr Colin Rickman (HWU)

Dr Vassilis Sboros (HWU)

Dr Will Shu (HWU)

Dr Lesley Stark (IGMM)

Dr Martin Taylor (IGMM)

Dr Robert Thomson (HWU)

Dr Carmen Torres-Sanchez (HWU)

Dr Asier Unciti-Broceta (IGMM)

Dr Simon Wilkinson (IGMM)

Dr Nik Willoughby (HWU)