Dr Nicola Howarth

Chemical synthesis of compounds for biomedical researchColin_Rickman.html
Dr Lynn Paterson

Biophotonics to understand cellular behaviour
Dr Carmen Torres-Sanchez

Biomimetics and biomimicry in Engineering
Prof. Alan Greenaway

Novel optical instrumentation and signal processing
Dr Weiping Lu

Physics at the life science interfaceLynn_Paterson.html
Dr Colin Rickman

Molecular microscopy of cellular secretion
Dr Nik Willoughby

Cellular bioprocessingWeiping_Lu.html
Dr Will Shu

Biomedical engineeringNik_Willoughby.html
Dr Paul Dalgarno

Optics and photonics to uncover bio-molecular function Paul_Dalgarno.html
Dr Eitan Abraham

Theoretical physicsEitan_Abraham.html
Prof. Rory Duncan

Molecular membrane biology
Prof. Gerard MarkxGerard_Markx.html
Dr Euan Brown

Joining July 2012

Electrophysiology and biotechnological potential of membrane ion channelsOpportunities_2.htmlHelen_Bridle.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0
Prof. Desmond Smith

Emeritus ProfessorDesmond_Smith.html
Dr Pierluigi Frisco

Study of complex systems, optimisation, modelling and simulation of biological processesGavin_Gibson.html
Prof. Gavin Gibson

Stochastic modelling in the life sciences
Prof. Gabriel Lord

Applied computational mathematics
Dr Will Shu

Biomedical engineeringNick_Leslie.html
Dr Euan Brown

Electrophysiology and biotechnological potential of membrane ion channelsMaiwenn_Kersaudy-Kerhoas.html