Dr Vassilis Sboros




Starting from a degree in Physics and then onto its applications in Medicine, Vassilis' education was completed with a PhD in Medical Ultrasound. In the early postdoctoral career he developed expertise that span across a range of fields including fluid dynamics, signal and image processing, nanotechnology and preclinical research. A common denominator was the desire to improve and achieve the imaging of microvascularity using ultrasound contrast imaging. Following the award of a British Heart Foundation Fellowship in 2007 he has created an interdisciplinary research group with the aim to provide an efficient interface with life sciences to translate his research into clinical and research applications. Vassilis was recently appointed Reader at Heriot Watt University


Development of contrast enhanced ultrasonography using the sheep ovarian model of microvascular regulation

(Funded by the MRC)

Exploiting the understanding of the behaviour of microbubble contrast agents for improved microvascular imaging

(Funded by BHF)

Group Members

Dr Mairead Butler

Dr David Thomas